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Do you have milk on your breast? Are you searching for a hand pump that’s better than the rest? Something that fits comfortably on both breast on your chest? There is a high quality breast pump that is easy to use anywhere you have to go !

My Great Baby

Easy Breast Pump!


Pain Relief


Self Induced

Saves Time

Saves Money

Helps Store Milk

Comes With A Baby Bottle

My Experience:

This product comes in a box like this:


The box is very appealing with the benefits right on the side!


The pump cups the breast perfectly and has a comfortable suction cup. It’s not abrasive like the electrical or battery powered pumps.

I had the hands free pump and it sucked my nipples too hard and I didn’t really like them. I hated the noise it would make. Yes, I used them in the beginning but after awhile I stopped.

I like these because you can control the suction and go at your own pace. Let’s not forget that it makes no noise.

Its easy to grip and pump.


It comes with a lid to go over the suction area.

My other pump didn’t come with this feature.


It also comes with two storage bags and breast pads!

image image

Last put not least the cup attached to the pump to catch the milk turns into a bottle!


Thanks My Great Baby!

I tried this product for free to test it out!

It works and is of great quality!

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