3D Printing Pen

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Everyone wants the ability to enhance their art work! 3D printing is becoming the latest fad! Why Not Morph Your Reality? Why not draw in 3D! Do you want to bring your visions to life? An innovative tool to the art scene! Make 3D models in just minutes!

3D Printing Pen


This product is sponsored and I have the pleasure of testing it out! I decided to let my kids try it out because kids are always honest.

It is very easy to use and it has the ability to hold their attention span for hours. They have asked everyday to use it so far. My daughter asks the most because she is an art enthusiast and currently in art school.

The printin pen is blue and not to small or too big! It is easy for all hand sizes to grip. My four year old grips it very sturdily.

It reminds me of a hot glue gun but better! You can decide on the speed and heat preference. The tip does get hot , so train your little ones about not touching the tip.


It comes with instructions that train you on every little detail that there could possibly be on this pen.

I was thinking to myself while reading that the writer or created is very detail oriented! I get a sense that the creator really cares how it is used and wants the consumer to get all the benefits that they can from this pen!

My daughter decided to bring one of her pictures to life! She took a recent picture that she colored out of her coloring book and started making the features pop off the page!


Check out the video here:

My son tried it out just to let you know that 4 year olds can grasp th concept too!


     Watch his video here:

I can’t wait to get this book so I can test out some of the 3D model adventures.

I will update this post as soon as I do!


There is more to come! Stay Tuned!

This Product Works!

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