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Visually showing how a product works live or via video. There is absolutely nothing more powerful than a great demonstration ! Why not go to the web to see how to do something or better yet if the concept even works. Another thing that is just as powerful is  a review! Blogging and reviews are written testimonies of a experience! Why not test it and write bout it especially if it has impacted one’s daily life and overall health! Providing reviews for products that work and inspiring other’s to better their lives is all worth it!

Concept Testing

Having a big idea or brand new product can be exciting! Providing proper results and following instructions correctly is beneficial to a consumer when wanting to maximize the best results from the diet, cleanse, product or advice. Always testing and following product instructions and giving 100% honest feed back is vital to give to a company that wants to evolve and grow. Have a product you want tested or want honest feed back! This is the right site, because we will,”Test That Concept”.

Brand Ambassador

Hired by many clients to represent their brands! All about promoting brand awareness and to increase knowledge. Always embodying the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, value and ethics! Testing new products in stores or in the comfort of my own daily living routine.

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3D Printing Pen

Everyone wants the ability to enhance their art work! 3D printing is becoming the latest fad! Why Not Morph Your Reality? Why not draw in 3D! Do you want to bring your visions to life? An innovative tool to the art scene! Make 3D models in just minutes!

Muscle Roller

Have you ever wanted a massage that was made easy? Here lies a high quality muscle roller by Live Infinitely! Quality is always important to get the job done, don’t you agree! I will share what came of this test out! 


Easy Breast Pump

Do you have milk on your breast? Are you searching for a hand pump that’s better than the rest? Something that fits comfortably on both breast on your chest? There is a high quality breast pump that is easy to use anywhere you have to go !

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